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ClinicTurkey, established in 2011 in Izmir, Turkey, has rooted itself as an International Healthcare Institution.

Taking its initial steps in Izmir, ClinicTurkey began its services as a pioneer and authorized agency in the field of health tourism. With a vision to provide high-quality treatments at international standards to patients from all around the world, ClinicTurkey has collaborated with modern hospitals and clinics with international accreditation, along with Turkey's talented and professional doctors, to embrace the mission of providing patient-centered solutions and treatments.


ClinicTurkey offers both high-quality and affordable treatments for international patients, providing a solution for those who prefer not to undergo treatment in their own countries due to issues such as high costs and low quality. Nowadays, many people are turning to overseas destinations for medical treatments and healthcare services. ClinicTurkey was established to meet this demand and make the medical treatment process easier and more accessible.

ClinicTurkey strives to prioritize patient satisfaction at every stage, making efforts to alleviate the concerns of international patients during their treatment processes. Providing tailored solutions to patient needs, ClinicTurkey collaborates with accredited healthcare institutions at international standards and, with its expert team proficient in different languages, offers patients services similar to those in their own countries.

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