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Aegean Health Tourism Summit

Aegean Health Tourism Summit

  • April 26, 2019

The Aegean Health Tourism Summit was performed on 22nd February at Balçova Kaya Thermal Hotel with the organization of ClinicTurkey and IGEME.

At the summit, Izmir Provincial Directorate of Health, administrators of both public and private hospitals and shareholders of leading tourism and health sectors in Turkey health tourism sector came together.

Izmir’s leading people in health tourism shared their views at the summit, which was organized for taking action of qualified activities and closing the current account deficit of health tourism and branding in Izmir Health Tourism sector. Approaching to 2023, it was indicated that, the Google Digital applications, which are compliant Industry 4.0, will contribute to branding in health tourism in the field of marketing and publicity.

In his opening speech, General Manager of IGEME Mr Murat IŞIK indicated that Istanbul is the pioneer in health tourism and Health tourism vision meetings are held to contribute to the sector in the Aegean region with the arrangements will be made in Izmir. At the Aegeon Health Tourism Summit, the common idea of the participants who came from Istanbul was that Turkey will take the first place in the World by carrying out joint projects Istanbul and İzmir health tourism.

Vice President of Izmir Provincial Directorate of Health, Mr Gökhan Eyüboğlu informed that there are very few private hospitals that do not have health tourism authorization certificate and 15 hospitals amongst the public hospitals received health tourism authorization certificate. In his speech, he said that qualified personnals are selected for the public hospitals and these personnels have received foreign language training.

President of IZSATU Mr Bülent Cinel indicated that our country’s health tourism goal in 2023 is making a contribution to the health sector by evaluating both domestic and international sectors, with neutral sharing as an NGO.

International Patient Coordinator of Acıbadem, Mr Idris Sarıaydın said: “40.000 health tourists were treated annually with the publicity and marketing activities which carried out in Izmir. He indicated that productivity incorporate quality is increased with institutional digital reputation management and financial statistical analysis.

Google trainer Mr Özgür Deniz Aydın mentioned the importance of corporate reputation management, which is carried out with digital marketing, in the field of publicity and marketing.

At the Aegean Health Tourism Summit, the need for qualified employees in health tourism and the importance of purpose for quality and efficiency in projects was emphasized.

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