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About ClinicTurkey

ClinicTurkey, International Healthcare Organization, has established on 2011 in İzmir, Turkey

ClinicTurkey is one of the first authorized Health Tourism Agencies in İzmir and provides international high-quality treatments for patients who are from all over the world. Due to, ClinicTurkey cooperates with international accreditated and high-tech hospital and clinics as well as skilled, professional physicians in Turkey, it offers the best solutions and treatments according to patients needs.

ClinicTurkey provides high quality and affordable treatments for international patients, who want to be treated elsewhere than in his own country because of high prices, unquality treatments. At present time, most people prefer abroad for medical treatments and health services. ClinicTurkey clears away the boundaries in your medical journey and takes care of every little detail so you may have a comfortable treatment period.

People can have doubts about getting health services elsewhere but their own countries. A different country, different people and culture. With ClinicTurkey, it is easy than you think. ClinicTurkey starts to take care of you even when you are still in your hometown with its team who are specialist in their field and able to speak various different languages. With all-inclusive packages, ClinicTurkey offers you, your visa procedures, flight and accommodation bookings, transfer services, consultations for pre and post op period will be taken care of. Your responsibility is just to relax and focus on your treatment.


... Human Rights

Health Services are one the basic human rights and we believe there are no boundaries for your health.


...Patient Satisfaction

As ClinicTurkey we know the best advertisement way is WOMM. For that reason, our priority is our patients’ satisfaction and happiness.


...All-inclusive Packages

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ClinicTurkey never offers you a treatment you do not need or performs a procedure that is not suitable for your health.


...Best Solution For You

We offer the best solutions for you, explain them clearly and leave no questions on your mind.