Lipoidosis and sagging may occur on the upper legs, which are also called thighs, due to irregular and constant weight changes, pregnancy, hormones and age.

Lipoidosis and sagging may occur on the upper legs, which are also called thighs, due to irregular and constant weight changes, pregnancy, hormones and age. Since the skin in the upper leg is very thin and it is very suitable for reactions such as sagging and chapping. The skin, which becomes thin, flexes and the skin can not recover. These saggings, which occured especially due to high weight loss, may cause difficulty in walking and movement and decrease the quality of life rather than aesthetic appearance. For this reason, upper legs lift (thigh lift) operations are performed both to relieve the aesthetic concerns of the patient and to provide a more comfortable life for him/her. In other words, it can be said that leg aesthetics performed for this purpose can provide two-way effect. "Will your thigh lift operation be done with or without liposuction?" This is a desicion, which only your doctor can decide during your consultation.

There should be no doubt in the patient's mind in the thigh lift operation

As in every aesthetic operation, the most important point is that the patient shares the expectations of her/his own from this treatment with the doctor with all clarity. The patient must clarify all questions in her/his mind about pre and post operation. The patient's misinformation and misexpectation will ensure that no matter how successful the operation goes, she/he will not satisfied with the result. It should not be forgotten that the Thigh Lift operation is not a weight loss operation, it is a treatment method, which eliminate the sagging and lipoidosis, which occured due to excessive weight loss or another reason, and performed to fix the patient aestheticly and to improve the quality of patient's life.

The success rate of surgery depends on how much the patient follows the doctor's instructions during the after operation process

It is very important to stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 nights after the thigh (upper leg) lift operation and to use the corset recommended by the doctor. It should be known that, as in every operation, there are difficulties in thigh lift operation. Since the stitches will usually be in the inguinal region, patient needs to pay utmost attention to personal hygiene. Although it is a laborious and demanding process, the happiness and self-confidence, which are felt in the end, while looking at the mirror or walking are worth it.

Experienced surgeons in Turkey make the process easier for patients

Thigh lift is an operation that requires professionalism and experience. The doctor and the place of operation should be carefully selected in order to hide the scars at the highest level, to prevent undesirable appearance and occurrance of trough on the suture line, and to provide an equal appearance on both legs. Turkey is preferred by many patients in the field of plastic surgery from abroad not only because of its affordable prices but also the experience and qualifications of the Turkish surgeons. Every year, thousands of patients prefer Turkish Surgeons for complicated and detailed operations such as Thigh Lift.

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