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Endometrial Scratching

Endometrial Scratching

In order to increase the chances of pregnancy in women who have undergone in vitro fertilization and have had unsuccessful IVF attempts several times, the womb is scratched. It is planned to increase the chances of the embryo to hold onto the uterus.

How is the womb scratched?

The aim of this treatment is to repair the damaged uterine tissue. This will increase the likelihood of the transferred embryo adhering to new tissues. It is aimed to activate the genes that will help the embryo to adhere and thus to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Is scratching the uterus a painful procedure?

Uterine scratch treatment is performed without anesthesia to the patient and is given only by painkillers. The patient does not feel any obvious pain or discomfort. So far, 6 out of 10 women who have undergone uterine scratching experience pain, but very mild in 10 of them.

When is the uterus scratched?

The best time for uterine scratching is 2 weeks before in vitro fertilization or frozen embryo transfer. However, the most appropriate time for this should be determined by the doctor of the expectant mother.

Can scratching the uterus increase the chance of a tube baby?

It is thought that uterine scratching increases the chance of pregnancy in IVF treatment. According to the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology; uterine scratching process can increase the probability of pregnancy in women who want to conceive naturally or by vaccination technique. This result is a product of trials conducted on more than 1000 women. In addition, scientific studies on this subject are continuing.

Uterine scratch application is seen as a hope for increasing success in IVF treatment.