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Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery deals with the diseases and treatment of the upper part of the body that starts from the shoulder to the tip of the finger. Many temporary or permanent problems, especially injuries that affect hand functions, affect life significantly.

Different structures such as bone, muscle, tendon, vessel, nerve, ligament structures in the upper part work in harmony with each other in the same environment. Various diseases, traumas, congenital problems due to disruption of this harmonious study is of interest to hand surgery.

Treatment areas of hand surgery

  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Injuries
  • Congenital deficiencies and disorders
  • Infection
  • Burns
  • Muscle and tendon ruptures
  • Correction of incorrectly welded fractures and dislocations
  • Tumors
  • Nerve jams
  • Rheumatic diseases

How is hand surgery performed?

Operations are performed under general or local anesthesia with microsurgical method. In the microsurgical technique, which is designed for structures that cannot be interfered with the naked eye in the human body, surgical procedures are performed using special surgical microscopes and magnifying optical glasses. With the help of surgical instruments specially designed to eliminate problems on microstructures, damage to structures such as vessels and nerves smaller than 1 mm can be repaired.