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Breast Fat Transfer

Breast Fat Transfer

Breast fat transfer is the transfer of the fat from the patient's body to the breast.

Every adult woman can have breast fat transfer. However, this intervention will be more possible for patients with excess fat in their body. Fat tissue taken from the body and applied to the breast will also provide thinning in the body. This intervention also means liposuction for women with excess fat.

Surgery Process

Breast fat transfer is performed under general or local anesthesia according to the patient's condition. After the procedure, the patient is discharged on the same day. During the transfer of the breast fat, fat is extracted from the fat-depleted areas by liposuction-like methods. However, the withdrawal of the fat cells is performed in a lower vacuum with thinner cannulas than the liposuction method. The rich fat tissue obtained from the stem cell is then separated from the fat tissue by the centrifugation technique. Fat tissue is then ready for transfer and the breast is injected between the mammary gland and the breast. Because the injected separated fat tissue is rich in stem cells, it will also repair damaged tissues in the region where it is injected.

After the intervention, there will also be a serious thinning of the fat-drawn area.

Things to consider after surgery

The patient can take a shower in the bathroom about 3 days after the operation and return to the daily life after discharge. The patient may return to work after about 3-5 days of rest. Heavy activities are allowed after 1 month.

The retention time of the injected oils varies from person to person. As this is a type of grafting process, some of the transferred cells continue to live in the transferred region. Thus, approximately 40-50% will be permanent. The process may require repeat. There may be no need for filling with repeated injections.