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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breasts hang down with the effect of gravity as time passes. Breasts are exposed to formation during pregnancy and breastfeeding and sagging. Especially in a short period of weight gain has a negative effect on breasts. Deformed breasts can be stitched while maintaining the same volume. This lift process is called Breast Lift (Mastopexy).

In the breast lift operation, the nipple (areola) and breast tissues are moved upwards, and the loose and flaccid skin is removed. Breast lift provides an aesthetic shape and fullness to the breasts and provides rejuvenation and form to the breast.

Breast Lift Surgery Process

There are many techniques used for breast lift surgery. These techniques should be selected individually. The most important determinant here is the size of the breast, the degree of flap and its structure. The most secure, personalized and least permanent techniques are used. As a result of this operation, the erogenous and touch sense of the breast, especially the breast-feeding function of the breast are protected.

In the breast lift operation, the sagging breast and breast tissue are increased to the desired level. The sagging skin in the breast is discarded and the dark area around the nipple called isola is returned to the pre-pregnancy appearance.

The breast size is not changed unless a patient wants it, there is no technical necessity. In addition, if desired, it is possible to reduce or enlarge the breasts in the same operation.

Recovery Process

Bandage and corset are used in the operation area after breast lift surgery. Pain may be felt when the effect of anesthesia is over. Painkillers should be used regularly.

There may be drowsiness, sensitization at the nipple, scratching of the incision or hardening of the breast tissue. These side effects will pass within a few weeks. There’s no need to worry.

All instructions must be followed after the surgery. Corset clothing, the use of painkillers with antibiotics and appropriate exercises are some of these instructions.