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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a surgical operation to reduce the aesthetic concerns of the breast and to resolve physical complaints.

How to determine the ideal breast type?

The extent to which the breasts are reduced is determined by the ratio of height, weight and body dimensions. A general reduction is achieved if both breasts are of equal dimensions. However, if there is a proportional difference between the two breasts and the size of the small breast is normal, the two breasts are equalized and the dimensions are determined in this way.

Surgery process

  • First, how much of the breast is reduced and how it is shaped is determined.
  • The patient is prepared for surgery and general anesthesia is performed.
  • The incisions are opened by the surgeon and excess breast tissue is removed.
  • The breast shape is revised and the incisions are planted and the operation is terminated.

What is the age limit for breast reduction?

For this surgery, the body must have completed its development and the breasts must complete the development and size of the structure. For this reason, this operation is inconvenient before the end of puberty. This operation can be performed from 20 years of age in patients who want to undergo breast reduction surgery and review breastfeeding.

Things to consider before surgery

Before the surgery, you should undergo a doctor’s check and mammography as with all breast operations. You should also follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Things to consider after surgery

After the operation, the rules during the rest period must be followed and a special bra should be used. Also, when the complete recovery period is over, mammography should be taken again and supervised supervision should be ensured. In this way, both the possible risks are identified and prevented and the success of the surgery is determined.

Recovery process

There are first and last recovery periods such as every surgical procedure. In the first period, side effects such as bruising and swelling improve. The main improvement is the period that begins with the removal of sutures. At the end of this period, the breasts become completely natural, take the new shape and the marks disappear.