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Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement surgery is a surgical procedure in which penis length or thickness is enlarged. A short, thin or curved penis can be a major problem for men. If the penis is not what the person wants, it can lead to unhappiness and discomfort with the partner. Penis Enlargement Surgery allows you to correct the length, thickness, curvature and circumcision errors of the penis. This surgery, which has a high success rate thanks to the possibilities of developing medicine, ensures the self-confidence of the patients.

Who can have penis enlargement surgery?

Anyone over the age of 18 can have penis enlargement surgery. It is not necessary to have a short or thin penis for this operation. People with normal penis length and thickness can also have this surgery.

This surgery may be preferred in cases where the length of the penis is shorter than normal, the thickness is thinner than normal, curves, deformities due to circumcision errors, and buried penis.

What should be the expectation of surgery?

When a normal penis is not at erection, it has an average size of 5-8 cm. In the case of erection, the average size is 13-15 cm. Micropenis occurs when the penis is 10 cm or less in length.

A person with micropenis may experience problems during sexual intercourse. Mutual dissatisfaction can adversely affect a person's relationship with their partner.

One should have realistic expectations from penis enlargement surgery. After surgery, penis length increases by 2-4 cm and thickness increases by 2-3 cm.

Surgical process

Penis enlargement surgery takes 1-2 hours. It is performed under local or general anesthesia according to the patient's condition. Different surgical techniques can be used to extend the length of the penis. Fat injection technique can be used to thicken the penis. In this technique, fat taken from appropriate parts of the patient's body is injected into the penis.

The healing process

Post-operative mild pain is normal. This can be solved by taking pain medication. After the patient is discharged on the same day, home rest is important for 4-5 days. After this process he can return to his daily life. The most important issue to be considered after penis enlargement surgery is sexual intercourse. The patient should not have sexual intercourse before 1 month.