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Vaginoplasty is a procedure that is applied to vagina with sag and dilation problem. This procedure is performed with surgical intervention and it is treated within the scope of aesthetic surgery.

As a result of the procedure applied to the vaginal area, the tissues that have undergone sagging and enlargement are restored. The purpose of the procedure is to correct the image of the patient's genitals.

Due to birth or age-related deformations, various sagging of the vagina can be seen. These sags are a natural process that occurs in every woman. For this reason, most women prefer to administer this image and apply vaginoplasty to pre-deformation.

Vaginoplasty is a very simple operation. This operation, which does not have any major risks, is completed in less than an hour and the patient continues his normal life in a very short time.

Surgery Process

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Due to the fact that they are made in a sensitive area and contain sutures, doctors often prefer general anesthesia. This makes the operation easier for both the patient and the doctor.

Vaginoplasty is performed in a short time. After surgery, the patient returns to his daily life in a short time. During surgery, the vagina region is intervened. The techniques to be applied in the operation vary depending on the patient’s condition.

During the operation, tissue is not removed from the vagina. Therefore, no scarring occurs after the operation. During surgery, different methods can be applied depending on your doctor’s preference. However, it is generally seen that sewing method is used.

The vaginoplasty procedure is directly linked to the vagina and vaginal access. Since almost all of the sags are seen in the vagina, surgery is performed in this area. The operation is completed by stitching the patient after the narrowing operation. The sutures used during vaginal tightening surgery disappear spontaneously. Therefore, it is not necessary to remove sutures or any other procedure after the operation.

The operation is completed in 30 minutes on average. Although this process varies from person to person, situations where the operation time exceeds one hour is extremely rare. Due to the rapid completion of the operation, it is often not necessary for the patient to remain in hospital. However, this situation may vary from person to person.

Things to consider after surgery

After the vaginoplasty operation, the surgical site should be kept clean and necessary care should be taken. Because of the use of a stitch or similar application, movements that will force the area after the operation should be avoided. Two or three times a day, the surgical area should be cleaned with special products recommended by the doctor.

Recovery Process

After the operation, the patient can return to normal life within the first 2-3 days. In this process, personal hygiene should be paid attention and doctor's recommendations should be followed.

It is normal to see a vaginal discharge in the first two weeks. If the operation area is cleaned regularly, the healing process continues without any problems.

In 2 to 4 weeks the effects of surgery begin to disappear rapidly. After the doctor's examination, the patient may begin to have more severe physical activity.

After the 1st month, many activities such as stretching exercises and weight lifting can be performed. If adequate improvement is achieved, the patient may return to normal life under the supervision of the doctor.

Sexual intercourse is not recommended for the first 6 weeks after surgery.