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Strabismus Surgery

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Strabismus Surgery

The situation that occurs when the two eyes lose their symmetrical parallelism is called strabismus. There are 6 extraocular muscles on the eyes. Irregularities in these muscles cause strabismus. Strabismus surgery is a surgical procedure that treats strabismus by interfering with extraocular muscles.

Symptoms and causes of strabismus

Loss of parallelism in the eyes, experiencing pain, double or blurred vision are some of the symptoms of strabismus.

Strabismus can occur for many reasons. Problems during pregnancy or child development period, genetic predispositions and diseases may also cause strabismus.

Who can have strabismus surgery?

Strabismus surgery can be performed in cases of strabismus that do not improve with glasses treatment. This surgery can be applied to people of all ages.

Operation process

While strabismus surgery is performed under general anesthesia in children, local or general anesthesia may be preferred in adults according to the patient’s condition. It takes about 30 minutes. During the operation, 6 extraocular muscles in the eyes are intervened. The strength of some muscles is increased, some are reduced, and some are changed. These procedures are determined according to the patient’s condition.

Postoperative process

The patient may return to his/her daily life 1 week after the operation. Pain in the eye disappear within 3-4 days with painkiller treatment. Redness of the eyes is normal. It may take up to 1 month. In this process, the eye drops recommended by the doctor should be used regularly.

Does strabismus reoccur?

It is possible that strabismus reoccur in the patients with more cross eye in the pre-operative process, thyroid eye disease, high myopia, and hyperopia. In such cases, a 2nd surgery may be required.

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