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I had rhinoplasty and breast enlargements turkey.

From the moment I landed at the airport I had ClinicTurkey team waiting for me in arrivals I was made to feel comfortable and I stayed in the Hilton hotel for the night I was told to be I’d be ready for 12 noon the next day I was take to the pre-op clinic were I met the surgeon, he explained what he was going to do and made me feel so relaxed. i was taken to the hospital by Dilara I can’t speak highly of this woman she was like having my best friend next to me she was with me step by step then the surgery was arranged for 6am. I was taken to a private room of the hospital the service in the hospital was amazing. 6am arrived i was met by my anaesthetic doctor made feel @ easy met the surgeon before again made me feel at ease and the surgery was brilliant and dilara was there omg get emotional think how amazing this girl was with me there for everything 2 nights after the surgery I was taken back to the hotel to recover again this amazing lady was there for me she explained that I need to go back to the clinic for regular check up absolutely first class service probably better than the service I got back in England this experience was just amazing felt so luck to be in good hands and the best thing il take away from this is the hospitality of ClinicTurkey amazing!!! They were there for me I was so emotional leaving 😭

Haf Hughes UK

My weight Loss Journey with

I had my gastric sleeve surgery one year ago with ClinicTurkey and i loose about 70 kg! Everything was amazing. Clinicturkey planned every little detail before i got there and shared me my schedule, my bookings, pre – op instruction long before my arrival. So i was met at the airport and accompanied in every step of my medical travel journey. All necessary medical tests have been done before the surgery; blood tests, xrays, endoscopie etc. Everybody was so proffesional and they knew what they were doing. I had no comminication problems. During my hospital stay, ClinicTurkey team was always beside me. Before my discharge from the hospital they gave me the supplements and medications which i am going to us efor one month and consulted with nutritionist. She explain everything to me, how am i going to feed, what should i eat, what should’nt i do. Everything was so clear. Now, it has been almost one year and can’t wait to get my post-bariatric surgeries for excess skins on my body and restart my new life!!

Nicole de Vries Netherlands

Everything was so easy and clear with ClinicTurkey

I have contacted to ClinicTurkey for my dental treatment, two months ago. I had a problem with the appearance of my teeth. I wanted to have a more aesthetich smile. They have provided me all the information needed clearly. Everyting was so easy and clear with ClinicTurkey from the very beginning. When I arrived to Izmir, Turkey, they welcomed me at the airport and took me to the hotel. They took care of eveything, I didn’t need to do anything because everything was ready for me. The next day we went to the clinic, my x-ray is taken and after that the dentist examined my teeth, listened my requests and concerns and explained every little detail before the treatment. The treatment was quality, affordable and problem-free. I was so happy when I was returning to my own country. And now I gladly recommend ClinicTurkey to my friends who wants to have a high quality treatment.

Alden Morin USA