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Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Obesity surgery is the most effective treatment method for overweight people in the long term. Obesity surgery cannot guarantee that the desired weight loss will be achieved, or the weight loss will be maintained, even if it is achieved. Revisional Bariatric Surgery can be an effective solution in cases of not reaching the desired weight and re-gaining weight.

The operations performed within the scope of Revisional Bariatric Surgery are more difficult and require more mastery than normal obesity surgery operations. The patient’s previous operation, eating habits, lifestyle, current and pre-existing health problems are scrutinized and the planning of the surgery is made according to that. Operations performed within the scope of Revisional Bariatric Surgery:

Gastric Band Revision

Gastric band revision is simpler than the other Revision Surgery operations because a cutting procedure is not performed in the stomach and intestines.

After the gastric band is removed, the patient may undergo Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass operations.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Revision

After gastric sleeve surgery, the stomach may expand over time or the size of the stomach may be left large during surgery.

In gastric sleeve revision, the stomach may be reduced again or converted to Gastric Bypass.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Revision

After gastric bypass, enlargement may occur in the gastric pouch and in the connection of the gastric pouch to the small intestine.

In gastric bypass revision, gastric reduction and narrowing of small intestine connection can be done by endoscopic or closed surgery methods. Gastric bypass can be converted to gastric sleeve, duodenal switch or trans bipartition.


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