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CAD/CAM Dentistry

Digital technologies change our daily life. In the field of dentistry, the future is completely built on digital dentistry. Digital dentistry brings innovations, which have not ever seen, to the field of dentistry and it changes everything known.

All the methods that can cause discomfort to the patients, from the taking of measurements techniques to the pain which is taken during the prosthesis stages can be solved by digital dentistry.

Thanks to the CAD-CAM system, which is not very common at the moment, but started to be performed in our clinic, you can have new teeth in minutes or you can have prosthesis for your whole jaw in one day.

The most appropriate laughing line, tooth color, length and form are detected together with the patient thanks to the images which are transferred to the digital media by taking measurements. It is possible to finish and glue all the teeth in one day with support of computer aided tooth design and production. Moreover, by combining the patient’s profile images with the images of the designed teeth in the mouth, the smile that patients will get after the treatment, can be seen before the procedure. This increases the rate of satisfaction in aesthetic treatments.

Porcelain Veneer In Ten Minutes

The veneer which is measured by the size, determining the color and the design, can be produced in ten minutes. Thanks to this technology, which provides accurate results with accuracy of +/- 25 micrometers within 10 minutes, much better restorations can be made for tooth and gum compliance.

High-Technology Hybrid Ceramics

The high technology materials used in digital dentistry offer both longer-lived use and provide veneers which are durable for corrosion and save the brightness for a longer time.

The Risk During Implant Decreases With Surgical Consultation

The digital dentistry, which is mainly used to bring new artificial teeth instead of missing or lost ones, makes a difference in the preparation of the consult which will be used in implant surgery. The delicate arrangements, which are necessary to achieve the best function and the aesthetic results of the implants, can be done accurately and with the truest way with the digital dentistry.

Healthier Implants

Another area where digital dentistry offers advantages is the special abutments, which are made to measure, for the implant. High filling stability of doing special abutment (upper part of implant, noticeable part in the mouth) with digital dentistry offers advantages such as disappearing of side effects, minimal risk of mechanical complications, better aesthetic results and higher comfort, considering classical treatments.


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