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Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most discussed and studied topic in dentistry in recent years. It is a reliable procedure and the implants are being the most suitable alternative to natural teeth so, dental implants have been a standart treatment.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, usually made of titanium or titanium compounds, placed in the jawbone to replace the missing teeth in the mouth.

Why are the dental implants preferred?

Improper or incomplete care in oral and dental health can lead to a lack of teeth. Tooth deficiencies can cause many diseases such as malnutrition, speech disorder, loss of self-confidence, shyness, disorders of oral health, joint problems, chewing problems induced stomach and digestive system disorders.

In the past, bridges and dentures have been used to treat tooth deficiencies. The development of technology in recent years and with the experience gained by doctors, implant treatment has became a standard as the best solution for dental deficiencies.

Who can not have Dental Implants?

Implant treatment can not be done to people whose bone development is incomplete and the jaw bone is insufficient for implant. For people who smoke too much, have diabetes, have heart problems, have hypertension problems implant treatment may pose a risk.

Implant can be applied to individuals who have good general health status, healthy gums and bone that can support implants in the jawbone and who provide good oral care.

Things to do before Dental Implant Treatment

Pre-treatment examination and planning are important in order to obtain the most appropriate and successful result for the patient in implant treatment.

Jaw and bone structure is examined during the implant examination. The general health status of the patient is checked and the suitability of the treatment is determined.

Prior to implant treatment, it is necessary to determine the location of the important anatomical formations in the lower and upper jaws, to see if the appropriate jaw bone is present in the implanted sites and to prepare a treatment plan accordingly. For this purpose, firstly, panoramic x-ray and computed tomography are taken from each patient. Then planning is done with special computer programs.

Dental Implant Surgery Process

There are two phases in dental implant surgery process;

Surgical Stage

In the first stage, the implant is placed into the jaw bone. It is performed under local anesthesia. Processing time for each implant takes 5-10 minutes. After the temporary prosthesis is placed on the implant, the surgical process is completed.

After the placement procedure, the prosthesis stage can be started by waiting 1.5-2 months for the lower jaw and 3-4 months for the upper jaw. This waiting period is the period of fusion of the implant and bone.

Prosthesis Stage

Specially prepared prostheses identified during planning are placed on implants, that is, artificial tooth roots. This process takes 1 week.

Things to consider after Dental Implant Treatment

After the completion of the implant treatment, some issues should be considered for the success of the process. First 2 months only soft foods should be fed in the process. After 2 months, medium hard food consumption can be started. Treatment care should be taken during oral care and follow the instructions given by the dentist.


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