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Orthero Treatment

Dentists can treat their patients with sequential plaques especially designed for the patients with Orthero, which is the newest orthodontic treatment method and alternative for the metal braces. Orthero plaques are easily worn and removed by patients. With regular use in dentist control, it treats your teeth and takes them to the ideal position in accordance with treatment plan.

Orthero plaques are the newest orthodontic solution, which will take your teeth to the ideal position. Now you can be treated without metal braces and with these transparent and smart plaques, which are hard to notice from outside.

Advantages of the Orthero Plaques According to the Metal Braces

  • Completely transparent: Even your closest friends don’t notice it.
  • Painless treatment: It does not hurt like metal braces.
  • Flexible use: You can remove it on your special days, orthodontic plaques are removable.
  • 100% natural materials: It does not derange the health of your mouth and teeth.
  • Quick treatment: You can start your treatment immediately without having to wait for months, the materials are domestic production.
  • Budget-friendly: This treatment offers affordable prices for both dentists and patients.
  • The use of orthodontic plaques is really easy and comfortable.
  • It does not effect your voice and speaking.

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