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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a treatment which is used to repair a decayed or broken tooth that led to damaging or festering it.

Treatment includes removing, cleaning, disinfecting the damaged part of the tooth (dental pulp) and refilling it.

The most common cause of the damage to the pulp, the living tissue of the tooth, is being too deep or being treated several times either if it has decayed or broke. Treatment named as “root canal treatment” because the canals inside the tooth are cleaned in the operation.

What kind of treatment is the root canal treatment? What are the stages of it?

Firstly, the teeth are x-rayed and the tooth which has a problem, is detected. In addition, in x-ray, the situation of the surrounding tissues, whether they are imflammotary or not, or the size of the inflammation can be determined.

Afterwards, local anesthesia is applied. In contrary to what is believed, the treatment is not a painful procedure. A completely painless treatment is possible with specific techniques.

In the treatment, firstly the decay parts of the tooth are cleaned, then the nerves of it are removed after reaching the living part of it, after the canals are disinfected for a while and expanded, the tooth is filled with impermeable filling material either in the same session or in another session. Finally, the top of the filling is done and the procedure is terminated. In some cases, especially when there is so much loss of substance or there is a risk of tooth breakage, porcelain crown may be required for the teeth which has been root canal treatment.

Generally, it is a really successful treatment. The tooth, which has undergone a root canal treatment, can be used for a lifetime. But, as in every procedure, annual controls are important in the root canal treatment. The success rate of the treatment can be determined by taking X-ray of the tooth.


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