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Smile Design

The smile design aesthetically provides a personalized smile by examining the lips, teeth and gums of the person. The smile design, which combined multiple treatments and procedures, can give the person the desired smile with advances of technology.

Why is smile design preferred?

Laughing is a natural action. While a person laughs, the teeth come to the forefront. Because of that the person may be afraid of laughing if he or she has teeth and gum defects. This may make laughing a problem for people. Aesthetic anxiety can cause to psychological problems and loss of self-esteem.

What treatments does smile design include?

  • Zirconium veneer
  • Gingival aesthetics
  • Teeth whitening
  • Implant
  • Bonding
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Porcelain Laminate

Who can have a smile design?

Anyone who has realistic expectations, who is in good general health, who promises to pay attention to dental care and most importantly who wants to have a more beautiful smile, can have a smile design.

How is a smile design performed?

In the smile design, firstly the oral and dental health of the patient is evaluated. If there are decayed teeth and gum diseases, they are treated.

After the oral and dental diseases are treated, the smile patient wants is designed. At this stage, the smile that patient wants and the expectations of the patient from the treatment is understood. Many factors such as facial structure, gender, age, gum level, lip distance and thickness are evaluated as a whole together with the patient’s expectations. The patient’s intra-oral and facial photographs are taken and transferred to the computer environment and measurements are taken with special programs. The ideal smile for the patient is revealed in digital environment by analyzing all these datas in detail and the treatments to be performed are determined.

After determining the ideal smile design, a rehearsal is made with a prosthesis that mimics the eventual look of the teeth. During the rehearsal physician and patient make assessments. Arrangements can be made according to the patient’s expectations. Thanks to rehearsals, the patient knows in advance how his/her teeth will be at the end of the treatment. This will prevent a bad surprise.

After the rehearsal, the necessary procedures are performed. Orthodontic treatments, gingival aesthetics, implants made in case of tooth deficiency are some of these procedures. if it is required, teeth whitening can be done after all the procedures are completed. In smile design also medical aesthetics such as lip filler can be used according to needs of the patient.

Since the procedures to be performed are different in each person, the treatment and recovery process also varies according to the person.


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