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Larynx Cancer

The larynx is a respiratory and vocal organ located in the upper part of the anterior trachea of ​​the neck. The larynx which looks like a simple box; cartilage, membranes and ligaments. Larynx cancer, which is more common in smokers, is a type of cancer that occurs when some cells in the larynx region proliferate uncontrolled. It constitutes 3% of cancer diseases.

Symptoms and causes of laryngeal cancer

Hoarseness, hard coughs, difficulty swallowing and pain when swallowing, swelling and pain in the larynx, persistent sore throat, ear pain, shortness of breath, weight loss with unknown cause, and larynx cancer are some of the symptoms.

The cause of laryngeal cancer is unknown, but there are some factors that increase the risk of cancer. Tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, HPV infection, family history of neck cancer, unhealthy diet are some of these factors. Throat cancer appears five times more in men. It is not common in young people.

Laryngeal cancer treatment

Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery are the main treatment modalities for laryngeal cancer. When determining treatment options, a special treatment plan is prepared for each patient.

Radiotherapy can be used as the main treatment for early stage disease, chemotherapy in the third stage, and in some cases as a preventive treatment after surgery.

Chemotherapy is used in advanced stages, before and after surgery, in cases where cancer reoccurs after surgery. It can be used with radiotherapy when surgery is not applied.

Surgery is the most commonly used and most effective treatment method. Effective results can be obtained with surgical techniques that may vary according to the stage of the disease and the condition of the patient.


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