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Vocal Cord Surgery

Vocal Cord Surgery is a surgical procedure performed when the voice tone of the person is too thin or too thick according to gender and physical structure. If the sound is too thin or too thick, which affects negatively the person psychologically, this can be solved with this surgery.

Who can get Vocal Cord Surgery?

Older than 18 years;

  • Women with a very thick voice
  • Men with very thin voice
  • People with multiple forks
  • People undergoing gender reassignment

Operation procedure

In the vocal cord surgery performed under local anesthesia, the patient is listened to during the operation. Thus, the patient has the opportunity to choose his own tone. The procedure takes around 30-60 minutes, the patient is discharged after resting for 3-4 hours.

During the surgery, laser thinning, stretching, etc. can be applied to the voice wires. Which technique is applied depends on the patient’s condition.

Postoperative considerations

The patient is usually given a sound rest for 1 week after surgery. During this period, the vocal cords should not be forced and situations that may cause coughing should be avoided.

The healing process

In the first days, loss of sound is considered normal. It can take 6 months – 1 year for the tone to settle. Acidic beverages should be avoided during recovery.


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