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What is Embryoscope?

Embryoscope is a system that provides 7/24 observation of embryo development. Embryos obtained during in vitro fertilization are grown in devices produced in the laboratory to simulate the uterus. In order to monitor the development of the embryo and to select the embryo with the highest chance of pregnancy, they are taken out from these devices every day to the external environment and their properties are examined under a microscope. There are risks that embryos can be damaged or their developments can be affected during external controls.

Today, embryos can be grown in incubators equipped with special camera systems called embryoscopes. Thus, embryos can be imaged at any time and their records can be retrospectively analyzed. At the same time, the likelihood of being affected by any environmental factor is greatly reduced as embryos are not brought out of the medium where they are grown.

Does the Chance of Pregnancy Increase with Embryoscope?

Continuous monitoring of embryo development with the help of embryoscope device allows the selection of the most healthy embryo with the highest pregnancy rate. Therefore, the embryoscope system is very useful both in the growth and selection of the embryo which will provide a higher pregnancy rate.

Embryoscope is not used in many IVF centers, because it is a high-cost device.

What are the Advantages of Embryoscope?

  • Provides all necessary data related to embryo development.
  • It has an advanced microscope system that does not miss any change.
  • During the development of the embryo, the contact with white light is completely prevented.
  • It offers 24/7 observation.
  • Provides a safe environment for embryos where they will not be affected by the external environment.


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