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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplant is an operation done to restore the eyebrows that have been thin from the birth or have fallen or thinned because of various reasons. Eyebrows can get thinner or fall over time due to illness, drug use, genetic factors. Thinning and loss of eyebrows, which plays an important role in facial aesthetics and gestures that we use to express our thoughts, can cause aesthetic anxiety and psychological problems. Eyebrow transplant is a challenging operation but it gives successful results in experienced hands.

Why our eyebrows fall?

Eyebrows can get thinner or fall due to many reasons. Some of those:

  • Plucking eyebrows regularly is one of the biggest causes of eyebrow loss. This procedure, which is done to shape eyebrows may cause permanent eyebrow loss.
  • Ringworm may cause eyebrow loss. This disease, known in the medical literature as Alopecia Areata, can be seen not only in the hair but also in the eyebrows, beards, mustaches and other parts of the body.
  • Makeup, which is done to shape eyebrows, can cause eyebrows to fall.
  • Hair-pulling disorder, known as trichotillomania in the medical literature, may cause eyebrow loss.
  • Inadequate nutrition may affect hair and eyebrows. Lack of vitamins, minerals and iron can cause eyebrow loss.
  • Burns, accidents, traumas can cause eyebrow loss.
  • Goiter, atopic dermatitis which is a type of eczema, and similar diseases can cause eyebrow loss.
  • The use of certain medications can cause eyebrow loss.

Who can have eyebrow transplant?

Every man and woman who has completed his / her developmental period, who has a good general health condition, who has lost eyebrows due to various reasons and who has sufficient donor area, can have eyebrow transplant. In some cases, eyebrow transplantation is not recommended to the cardiac, diabetic and high blood pressure patients.

Pre-operation instructions for eyebrow transplant

All medications used should be reported to the clinic where eyebrow transplant will be performed. Health control and blood tests are performed by the clinic. Use of alcohol should be stopped 1 week before the procedure. If the patient is using any blood thinner, she/he should stop using it 2 weeks before the operation. Patient should wear front-buttoned or zippered top wear on the day of the procedure. The body should be rested with a sleep of at least 8 hours and the patient should have a good breakfast 2 hours before the operation.

Eyebrow Transplant with FUE method

During eyebrow transplant with FUE method, grafts are taken from the donor area, which is back side of the head. The grafts are transferred to the eyebrow area. FUE method is the most widely used hair transplant method today, and it is also the most suitable transplanting method for eyebrow transplant. With FUE method the grafts that are suitable for your eyebrows can be easily removed from the donor area by selecting.

Before the procedure, an experienced eyebrow transplant specialist determines in what angles eyebrows will be transplanted, estimates the density of the eyebrow according to the volume of the hair and determines the eyebrow area.

The process of taking the grafts is started and during this process the grafts which are healthy and compatible with the eyebrows, are taken individually by a micromotor. The taken grafts are kept in a special solution to prevent them from being damaged.

The taken grafts are placed to the transplant area which is anesthetized with local anesthesia, by opening channels. Once the grafts are placed, the process is completed. The process takes 2-3 hours in total.

Post-operation instructions for eyebrow transplant

Transplanted area should be protected from impacts and sunlight in the first week after eyebrow transplant. If any medication has been given to the patient, the use of medications should be regular and the use of blood thinners should be avoided.

The transplanted eyebrows start to grow on the 3rd month and complete their growth and take their final form in maximum 1 year. At the beginning, because of the different growth rate of the transplanted roots, transplanted hairs may grow faster than normal eyebrows. In these cases, eyebrows can be fixed. The transplanted eyebrows adapt to their place over time and after 1 year the rate of growth returns to normal.


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