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Scar Transplant

Hair does not grow in places where scars and burns occur as a result of an accident or illness. Some patients want to keep these scars hidden, but sometimes this may not be possible. This can lead to psychological problems due to aesthetic concerns. The most effective solution for wound and burn scars is scar transplant with FUE method.

Why is Scar Transplant preferred?

Accidents, surgeries, burns, hair transplant with FUT and some skin diseases are some of the causes of scarring. The scar is a result of wound healing. While the wounds heal, they heal with a repair tissue called fibrous tissue, not skin tissue. Tissue difference creates a different appearance in the skin.

When the scars are in the hairy areas of the body, the hair does not grow again in the fibrous tissue. This means loss of hair and beard on scars in the hair or beard area.

Hair and beard loss due to scarring can cause problems such as lack of self-confidence. scar transplant with FUE is an effective solution to this problem.

Who can have Scar Transplant?

In order to be able to perform scar transplant, there should be blood flow in the wound area. If there are deformations in the skin that stop the blood flow, the transplanted roots may fall out after a while. If there are no major deformations in the area where the scar occured, every man and woman who has completed the developmental age, a good general health condition and a sufficient donor area can have scar transplant.

In some cases, scar transplant is not recommended to the cardiac, diabetic and high blood pressure patients.

Pre-operation instructions for Scar Transplant

For successful and comfortable scar transplant process, some issues should be considered before the procedure.

All medications used should be reported to the clinic where the transplant will be performed. Health control and blood tests are performed by the clinic. Using alcohol should be stopped 1 week before the procedure. If patient uses any blood thinner, she/he should stop using 2 weeks before the procedure. Patient should wear front-buttoned or zippered top wear on the day of the procedure. The body should be rested with a sleep of at least 8 hours and the patient should have a good breakfast 2 hours before the operation.

Scar Transplant with FUE method

When the scar transplant is performed, hair roots – which are called grafts- are taken from the area called donor area.

The taken grafts are transferred to the wound area. FUE method is the most commonly used method for scar transplant today. FUE method provides healthier and more grafts to be taken from the donor area, compared to the FUT method.

Before the procedure, the donor and the transplant areas are anesthetized with local anesthesia. When the grafts are started to be taken, healthy grafts are taken individually with a micromotor. Each graft contains 1 to 4 hairs. The taken grafts are kept in a special solution to prevent it from being damaged.

The channels are opened to the anesthetized transplant area one by one under local anesthesia. The grafts are placed into the opened channels. Once the grafts are placed, the process is completed.

Post-operation instructions for Scar Transplant

Transplanted area should be protected from impacts and sunlight in the first week after wound transplant. If any medication has been given to the patient, the use of medications should be regular and the use of blood thinners should be avoided.

After the first week, patients can wash their hair normally. Heavy sports should be avoided in the first month and patients should not be stay under the sun for a long time. For the first 3 months patients should not go to the Turkish baths.

Following the instructions, given by the hair transplant clinic, provides a comfortable healing process to the patients.


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