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Plexr – Non-Surgical Eyelid Lifting

Eyelids are thin skin textures that protect eyes, which is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body. As time passes, these textures, which have thin skin, can not resist wrinkles and bagging. The wrinkling and bagging of the eye and around of it, which is very important for aesthetic looking of the face, makes the person look tired and unhealthy. Eyelid aesthetics have been performed to eliminate these problems for years. This surgery makes it possible to have tight eyelid and around of the eye and makes the people feel better. Although the success rate is quite high, some patients can be afraid of the surgery. Plexr, which is a non-surgical eyelid aesthetic operation, is a good alternative to eyelid surgery. Plexr vaporize the excess tissues in the eyelid in a controlled manner by using the energy of plasma, the forth state of matter. The vaporization does not damage to the eye or eyelid, since it is performed in a controlled manner.

What is Plexr?

Plexr is a device of Italian technology that uses the plasma, the forth state of matter. Device; it converts the ambient air (ie ionized gases) into plasma energy by the electrical activity on the skin surface where the process will be performed. This energy vaporizes the problematic outer surface of the skin and initiates the process of new tissue formation. The Plexr; does not affect the hair roots, capillaries, fat and nerve tissues except the problematic area.

Plexr operation process

Before the operation, the area of operation is cleaned with antiseptic solutions. The cleaned area is anesthetized by applying anesthetic cream. Once the effect of anesthesia has begun, the plasma is applied to excess tissues with device Plexr. The procedure takes 10-20 minutes after anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain or ache during the procedure.

Post operation instructions after Plexr

Tightening on the eyelid and around the eyes are noticed immediately after the operation. It is normal to be see scabs on the operation area. Scabs pour out spontaneously within 5-10 days. Sun protective foundation should be used for 1 week after operation. Mild pain may be felt after the affect of the anesthesia has passed.

How many sessions are needed?

Depending on age and skin condition, 1-4 sessions may be necessary.

Who can have a Plexr operation?

People who have wrinkles and baggings around the eyes and the eyelids but do not want to have surgery for some reasons may have Plexr operation.


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