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Abdominal Etching

Abdominal etching is an aesthetic operation that allows people to create a faster and more accurate view of the muscular abdomen formed by sports exercises. Due to the technique called vaser liposuction, it is ensured that the fat in the abdomen is removed and the remaining fat is arranged to reveal the muscles.

Who can have Abdominal Etching surgery?

  • Men and women in the young and middle age groups who want to have an athletic appearance.
  • People with areal fat excesses.
  • People who have difficulty in developing muscle and making them visible.
  • Muscle aesthetics can be applied to people who do not have time to perform an intensive exercise program and who want to have a muscular body in a short time.

Surgery process

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Surgical incisions are made 4-5 mm long. In areas with abdominal muscles, adipose tissue is preserved or increased according to need. The adipose tissue in the areas where the muscles are dimpled is taken by liposuction technique. The operation takes an average of 1 hour.

Things to consider after surgery

  • The patient is discharged the next day after the operation. The patient should pay attention to the hygiene.
  • After the operation, the patient will need to use a corset during the time that the doctor recommends. The patient needs to avoid compelling activities while using the corset.
  • The habits that will adversely affect the healing process such as smoking and alcohol should be stopped at least in the three-week period following the operation.


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