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Cosmetic surgeries performed on the eyelid are called Blepharoplasty. Eyelids are the finest skin structure in the body, protecting very sensitive structures. The eyelids are constantly moving and are easily affected by environmental and genetic factors. The signs of aging first start with the formation of wrinkles and eye bags around the eye.

Over time, the tension of the eyelids is reduced and sagging occurs. Eyelid surgeries can be performed not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because of congenital or posterior eyelid defects or skin tumors on the eyelid.

What is the purpose of Blepharoplasty surgery?

Upper eyelid skins that are sagged can be removed with Blepharoplasty. Eye bags can be taken. This surgery allows patients to have a sharper and more impressive look. Tired, angry or sleepy appearances of the patients with common complaints are corrected by eyelid aesthetic surgery.

Things to consider before surgery

Blepharoplasty surgery is simpler than other plastic surgeries. However, preoperative evaluations of the patient’s general health status, wound healing properties and eye health research is done meticulously. The patient should report to the doctor all the medications before surgery.

Recovery process

Swelling and redness may occur around the eyes after Blepharoplasty. After the third day, swelling and redness begin to decrease. After one week, the sutures and bands around the eyes are removed. The bruises pass completely. After surgery, drugs such as eye drops, antibiotics, pain relief, and edema reduction will be prescribed by the doctor. During the first week, activities such as reading books, using computers, watching television that can cause dryness of the eye should be avoided. Heavy exercises and activities should be avoided for 4 weeks.


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