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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian butt lift is a gluteal augmentation surgery, that gives the buttock a straight and rounded, plump, tight and younger look.

It is especially applied to people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their hips in size and shape, who want a younger, more active and more feminine appearance.

Fat cells taken from other parts of the body by vaser liposuction are purified by various procedures and converted into a stem cell rich fat tissue. It is then used to clarify and fill the butt lines. These fat cells, taken from the patient’s own body, are capable of self-renewal and there is no risk of the body refusing this procedure because it is the patient’s own tissue.

Who can have Brazilian Butt Lift surgery (BBL surgery)?

People, who want to have a butt suited with their bodies can have Brazilian Butt Aesthetics. Those who have a straight butt shape may have a prominent butt shape with BBL.

If there are effects such as sagging, loosening or flattening in the butt area due to aging or weight loss, you can be a suitable candidate for this aesthetic operation. If your clothing doesn’t look the way you want it to, and you don’t have any health problems, and you have realistic expectations about the operation, you can be a candidate for Brazilian butt lift.

Surgery process

It is an operation which is performed under general anesthesia. It takes 2-3 hours. The fats are taken from predetermined areas of the body by liposuction method. After the fat is removed from the stem cells. Processed body fat is transferred to the determined areas of the hip.

Things to consider after surgery

  • Postoperative pain is normal. Painkillers should be used.
  • The patient should not take a shower for at least 3 days after the operation.
  • The patient should use a corset for 3 months after the operation.
  • Heavy exercises should be avoided for 3 weeks.


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