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Depending on different factors, the inner labia of the vagina and the surrounding tissue may sag. Surgical operations performed to remove this sagging are called Labiaplasty. In cases where one of the inner lips is longer than the other, asymmetric image can be corrected with labiaplasty. Women can have labiaplasty surgery who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their vagina.

Surgery Process

The excess skin on the deformed inner lips is reduced so that they do not hang from the outer lips. The operation is completed by dissolvable surgical sutures. There is no need for a second process to remove the sutures. The sutures fall spontaneously within 10 days.

This surgery is planned depending on the menstruation date of the person. The ideal operative time is between the end of the period or the 1week before the next period.

Recovery Process

  • During the recovery period, it should be paid attention to keep the operating area dry and hygienic.
  • Swelling and pain are normal. It disappears in about a week. In this process, the doctor recommended pain relief should be used regularly.
  • You can take a shower on the same day after surgery. It is important not to sit in the bathtub and keep the shower short. You should wait at least 2 weeks for baths, pool, sauna.
  • At least 4 weeks sexual intercourse is not recommended. No buffer should be used for at least 10 days.
  • During 1 month, it is important not to ride on vehicles that can put pressure on the region such as bicycles and motorcycles. It is necessary to avoid physical activities and sports that will cause the impact.
  • Bleeding can be observed for 10 days after labioplasty surgery.


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