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Vaginal Bleaching

The genital area may become darker over time. Color changes may occur. Such problems can be solved by laser operation. This laser process is called vaginal bleaching.

Why is the genital area darkened?

The external genital area is called vulva in the medical literature. Vulva can become darker as time progresses and due to hormonal changes. It is the estrogen hormone that causes darkening in this area. In other words, the vulva darkens during pregnancy or during adolescence, due to the increased estrogen hormone. This darkening is permanent and increases with time. However, it continues to darken due to its UV effect even if it is not directly exposed to sunlight.

The use of birth control pills, polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal diseases, skin diseases can cause blacking in the genital area.

How is the vaginal bleaching done?

Vaginal bleaching treatment is a simple procedure. Local anesthetic cream is used before the procedure. In this way, the patient does not feel any pain. There is no need to use general anesthesia during the procedure. In the procedure, melanocyte cells that produce melanin pigment in the dermis layer of the skin which cause darkening are destroyed In this way, the bleaching process is completed. The procedure is painless and can be returned to daily life immediately after it is done.

Things to consider after treatment

After completion of the procedure, the cream recommended by the doctor should be used. Because of the procedure in the genital area may be swelling or redness for a few days. The skin will peel off automatically in a short time and a light color, more vivid and shiny skin will appear. Sexual intercourse can begin after tissue healing. If swelling, pain or water collection has not occurred, sexual intercourse usually begins after the first week.


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