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Kidney Stones Treatment

The kidneys, which are responsible for removing waste products from the blood, are the most important organs of the excretory system. A kidney disease affects the whole body and lowers the quality of life.

Kidney stone is one of the most common kidney diseases. Kidney stones are formed within kidneys. And kidney stones are hard deposits containing minerals. It is a serious disease that can lead to kidney loss if left untreated. A person with kidney stones should be treated without disruption.

What causes kidney stones and what are the symptoms?

Kidney stones can occur for more than one reason. Inadequate fluid consumption, genetic factors, feeding habits, previous digestive system surgery, excess weight, frequent urinary tract and similar diseases are some of the reasons that increase the possibility of kidney stones.

Severe chest, abdominal and low back pain, nausea, vomiting, urinary blood are the symptoms of kidney stone.

Treatment of kidney stones

Ultrasonography, X-ray, computed tomography and urine analysis are used in the diagnosis of kidney stones. There are multiple types of kidney stones. Treatment methods vary according to the type and size of the stone.

Methods such as drug therapy, intervention in nutritional habits, shock wave, laser stone breaking, open and closed surgery are used in kidney stone treatment.


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