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Penile Implant

The penile implant is used as a final treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is a type of prosthesis that is placed in the body by surgery and provides hardening in cases where drug treatments are not the solution in patients with penile erectile dysfunction.

Penile implant types

There are two types of penile implant; inflatable and flexible. The inflatable type is more preferred. This prosthesis can be inflated to form an erection and can be extinguished after intercourse. Prostheses of bendable type remain permanently rigid. Therefore, it may cause difficulties in the adaptation process to social life.

Surgical process

A catheter is placed in the bladder to collect urine during surgery. An incision is then made under the penis head or in the lower abdomen. The prosthetic rollers are placed inside the penis. All prostheses are customized according to body size.

If a two-piece swelling implant is installed, a pump and valve are placed in the testicular bag. For a three-piece swelling implant, a reservoir is placed inside the abdominal wall. After the device is placed, incisions are sutured.

Penile implant surgery usually takes between 45 minutes to an hour. No tissue is removed during the operation, there is almost no possibility of serious blood loss. Postoperative hospital stay varies between 2 and 5 days depending on the patient’s condition.

The healing process

Mild pain may persist for several weeks after the operation. Pain killers are prescribed during this process. Antibiotics may be required for one week to prevent infection. Water should not come into contact with the wound for 1 week and the hygiene of the surgical area should be well taken care of.

Severe physical and sexual activities can not be continued four to six weeks after surgery. Sutures are removed after about two weeks.

A penile prosthesis does not affect a person’s ejaculation, sexual pleasure or having a child.


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