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Brazilian Butt Lift: Myths and Facts About BBL

Brazilian Butt Lift: Myths and Facts About BBL

  • October 15, 2021

The butt is one of the aesthetically important areas of the female body. Especially in recent years, the effect of Latin culture, which comes from South America, on the media has made butt aesthetics more popular.

Butt is one of the aesthetically important areas of female body. Especially in recent years, the effect of Latin culture, which comes from South America, on the media has made butt aesthetics more popular.

Thanks to Brazilian Butt Lift, which is one of the most conspicuous aesthetic operations of the last period, women can have a tight, shaped butt, like they desire. Being chest and waist accordant with distinctive shape of butt, which is one of the most important symbol of women’s attractiveness and femininity, makes women more ostentatious.

Nowadays, there are 2 different approaches to the process of butt enlargement and shaping. The first is the butt prosthesis and the second is the fat transfer process to the butt, known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. The fat transfer process has became very preferred since it provides very natural results and does not require any foreign substances.

Let your butt get plumped, while you get rid of your extra fat.

In Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, the fat which is taken from abdomen, hips, waist and back with liposuction method, are purified by a number of processes and injected into layers of different depth according to the need in the butt area, as micro-droplets. For example, excess fat is removed from the areas such as the sides of the belly, the hips and transferred to the butt. The person both gets rid of her extra fat and the fullness of her butt increases. In this way, person’s body lines beautify and go into the desired shape.

For this operation, it is very important that the surgeon is experienced in transferring large amounts of fat. In general, the same amount of fat (about 1 liter) is transferred to both sides of the butt. This amount is much more than the fat, which is transferred to the face, hands or even the breasts. It is necessary to be careful about applying of techniques for fat removal, fat isolation and re-injection to increase the amount of fat graft and to avoid the formation of nodules and fluid cysts. Considering that some of the fat will disappear after a period of time, the process is performed by transferring some more fat from the required amount.

Another advantage of this method, which helps to fix the body shape, especially the part between the waist and the hip area, is that the fat injected into the butt area is long-lasting and safe, since it is the person’s own tissue.

The fat tissue taken from the body with liposuction method is transferred to the butt and this makes the butt steepen. There won’t be any scar, since there are no stitches after the process. When these fat tissues are taken from the waist and abdomen, both slimming in the abdomen and the waist in a certain ratio, and steepening of the butt is provided at the same time.

It is a safe operation.

Fat transfer processes are safe operations. When applied by experienced surgeons, the risk of complications is very low and it is very effective in providing volume and shape to any part of the body.

Achieve the natural beauty.

Fat is a very good way of shaping the human body. Brazilian Butt Lift is actually an extremely natural operation, since the fat we use is your own fat. This operation makes your defects disappear in different dimensions.

However, if your body doesn’t have enough fat for the Brazilian Butt Lift, we can also make you have the view you desired with butt prostheses.

Incorrect informations about BBL

In Brazilian Butt Lift operation, your butt is over enlarged.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about BBL. If you are in ideal weight but cannot reach the shape you want, BBL will help you achieve your goal. The first goal in BBL operation is giving your body the most suitable shape.

It is necessary to gain weight before the Brazilian Butt Lift operation.

It is best to have this operation when you are in your ideal body weight. Having an extra 10 kilos doesn’t mean you’ll get better results in BBL operation. On the contrary, it can cause worse results. Your doctor will determine the amount of the fat will be taken and injected, according to your body weight.

Brazilian Butt Lift operation is very risky.

As in all operations, there is also a risk in BBL surgery. However, your doctor has been trained to minimize this risk. Your doctor will make the necessary explanations in order to prevent the complications that may occur before the operation and the risks of surgery.

I do not have enough body fat for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

This happens very rarely. And also people, who are thin and have low body fat, do not need extra fat to get good results from BBL surgery.

Liposuction makes your skin wrinkled.

This is only a temporary side effect. The areas where the fat is taken from may wrinkle after the operation, but it will recover within few weeks. As in any surgery, there is a healing process in the BBL operation.

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